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postheadericon X Factors Frankie Cocozza Secret Girlfriend Exposed

Yesterday we heard how  X Factors Frankie Cocozza, 18 was having hot Jacuzzi sessions with shows extrovert Kitty Brucknell, but was it really a cover up to take the attention away from Frankies real secret love interest?

It turns out the bum man has the hots for amazing singer, Amelia Lily 16 and apparently they have been spending every spare minute they have together. The other contestants are now getting annoyed with the flirty couples kissing and cuddling. Amelia has even admitted that she and Frankie have been flirting ever since they met at Boot Camp and there romance has moved up a notch since moving into the shows Hertfordshire mansion.

Amelia also says

Frankie has a heart of gold, If you get to know him you realise he is a genuine and lovely lad. Because we became friends at boot camp, we  have gone through the X Factor journey together and we can support each other.

Frankie also commented

Of course I’ve got my eye on Amelia, we just have a laugh with each other. If I took Amelia out I would probably take her to McDonald’s.

I’m sure with the amount of money Frankie is going to make he will be able to spend a bit more money on a better date, but I suppose they only are teenagers so a burger will probably be best.

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