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postheadericon X Factor’s Frankie Cocozza Causes Chaos At Gig With 250 Offers Of Sex

Frankie Cocozza has nearly achieved his life long dream to bed nearly every woman in the UK.

The bad boy from the X Factor made his first appearance at a paid gig the other night, but he mimed his way through the songs. The girl fans were not bothered as they sent him explicit sexual texts to his phone which were shown on a screen to the audience.  Frankie is said to have snorted lines of coke at an all night London party before he appeared at the gig.

Despite not singing a note he still had the fans going crazy for him and he made a short foul mouthed speech then went and stood behind the decks waving his arms. His loopy behaviour sent the girls wild as many of their text messages beamed onto a giant TV screen in the club offering the 18-year-old anything from a kiss to a threesome. Here are a few examples

Smash my back doors in you sexy beast.

Frankehh get in my vajazzle.

Frankie’s excuse that he mimed was that he was given medical advice not to sing, but downing Jack Daniels and snorting cocaine Frankie admitted

I was supposed to be singing tonight but I am not because I am a c**t. But that does not matter because we are still going to get f***ed either way. Yeah?

Many of the girls at the club pulled up their skirts and tops for Frankie to sign and one girl squealed

I really do not care that he can not sing tonight he is just lush. He can have me now.

Frankie finished off the night by taking two fans home. So we will probably be reading all about them in the papers next week.

We knew Frankie would go off the rails after not being allowed to be on  the X Factor tour.

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