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postheadericon Tulisa Contostavlos Denies Leaking Sex Tape For Publicity

First came the sex tape and then a few days later came Tulisa Contostavlos first single ‘We Are Young’ and by the sounds of it half the country tried to put two and two together and came up with  publicity stunt but the singer is denying that this is the case.

Radio 1 listeners on Twitter have suggested the lyrics of the single relate to the scandal. X Factor judge’s spokesman Simon Jones has refuted allegations that she was involved in the tape’s release, insisting:

It is absolutely ludicrous for people to suggest the tape was a publicity stunt.

The song was recorded last year and the video filmed last month. It is complete insanity to say she leaked the sex tape herself.

She has put her heart and soul into her solo career. Why should she have to delay her music release when she has done nothing wrong?

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