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postheadericon TOWIE Star Sam Faiers Illness Forces Her To Wear Fake Eye Lashes

Most girls these days wear fake eye lashes out of vanity but TOWIE’s Sam Faiers admits that if it wasn’t for the beauty enhancements she wouldn’t have any eye lashes at all. since she was eight years old the sexy model has suffered with a compulsion to pull them out even when she sleeps. She explains

The all-important thing for an Essex girl is false lashes.

Big, thick, long lashes look really sexy and glamorous. You can never really get that look without using false lashes, no matter how great your own are.

I normally wear two pairs, to get a really thick, dramatic look.

But for me false eyelashes are especially important because I suffer from trichotillomania, which means I pull my eyelashes out. That sounds weird, I know!

Although not many people know it, I don’t actually have any lashes at all. “Sometimes little short ones will appear but I pull them out again before they have a chance to grow

The bizarre behaviour began when Sam was a child and someone told her to make a wish on a stray eyelash. She says:

I can’t remember who it was, but they said to me that if you find a stray eyelash and blow the lash away and make a wish, it will come true.

I think I decided that the more I did that, the more chance my wish had of coming true. I don’t even know what I was wishing for, but I guess it was something I really wanted because I was doing it a lot, then it became a habit.

Before I knew it, I was doing it without thinking, and that is when I started doing it in my sleep, too.

My mum saw what I was doing but didn’t understand why and wasn’t sure how to stop me. She’d get pretty frustrated with me but I carried on doing it, so in the end she took me to the doctor.

I can’t remember what they said, but it didn’t work. And another time I went to a hypnotherapist. That worked for a bit and my eyelashes started to grow back, but then I started doing it again

At school kids would regularly ask the beauty about them, she tells The Sun

I was really self-conscious about my lack of lashes at school.

I went to Raphael Junior School in Hornchurch, which was an independent school — actually it is where I became good friends with Amy Childs.

Our mums have been friends for years, so we grew up playing together.

The kids there were taught to be polite and well-behaved, but people are nosy and little kids tend to just ask any questions that come into their heads, don’t they? So when they realised I had no lashes, they would ask me about it. I was embarrassed to tell them the truth — and it was so hard to explain anyway — so I would always make something up.

My sister, Billie, would help me make up stories. One time she told me to say I had done a handstand against the wall and then I’d fallen over and all my eyelashes had fallen out. How crazy is that?

Who knows, maybe the other little kids believed it.


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