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postheadericon TOWIE Sisters Sam And Billie Faiers Reveal Their Death Fear

We showed the nation the chilling video of  Billie faiers getting attacked outside a night club by a group of jealous girls and we’ve also heard how Sam Faiers nearly died when she was set upon by a group of ten girls who wanted to take revenge over rumours they had been getting close to a boy  another girl was in love with.

The girls are not going to hide away and let the attackers win. Oh no they are actively helping the police nail the thugs who could have potentially killed them. Sam explains

I really thought I was going to die. They just came at me like a herd of elephants. It’s just a blur. I was so violently attacked by a group of girls there was nothing I could do but curl up into a ball and then I passed out.

Luckily Sam had a friend with her who took her to where Billie was waiting and then they were rushed  to the hospital for Sam to have a brain scan to see if there was any internal damage. Thankfully the scars were only on the outside. Billie also explains what happened in the club before she was jumped on outside

I was surrounded by at least ten girls on the dance floor. Sam was nearby. Then in a split second, I’m on the ground and there is blood coming out of my leg. I had been hit with a glass or a bottle.

After complaining to the bouncer Sam and Billie got separated from each other and Billie got thrown out, along with the group who started on her inside the club and who had also stolen her £1,500 Mulberry bag.

I was in shock They were calling me a slag. I kept screaming Why? Why? but they wouldn’t stop. They punched me and hit me with their high heels.

They pulled my hair and dragged me along the street. I thought, ‘I’m in real trouble now’ No one could help me, they had taken my shoes,my bag and my phone. I can only compare them to wild animals.

Billie was rescued by a stranger called Leanne Belle who got her into a cab to take her to her friend’s home. Leanne says

There seemed to be fifteen girls pulling clumps of hair out of her head. It was appalling.

Sam reveals the gang only stopped beating her because they thought she was dead and also revealed that if a kick had landed any differently on her head it could have been fatal.

Their mum Sue Faiers believes her daughters were singled out because they starred on the hit show The Only Way Is Essex and explains

I don’t think it would have happened if they were just normal girls. They could have been killed. I wish they weren’t in the spotlight. If I could have turned the clock back they’d never have been attacked.


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