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postheadericon The Only Way Is Essex Mark Wright Kicks Lauren Goodger Out!!

It’s only natural for people not to get on after they have broken up right? these days you have twitter or Facebook to have a war of words. Now the couple are no more, it seems they want to out do each other in the fame stakes with Lauren being in the magazine’s this week saying that Mark’s obsession with her weight has led to her being insecure, which led  Mark to write back on twitter -

Love how people lie in mags to earn money. Every quote in todays heat mag from me is 100% false. I suppose it needed more content !!

And also denying that he had anything to do with Lauren leaving nightclub Aura, he has been accused of getting her kicked out Mark also responded by saying -

Here we go again, me having 2 explain myself because of talk. I did not get Lauren kicked out of a club

Now in a twist Lauren’s management have revealed that

We can confirm that Lauren was asked to leave Aura, at Mark’s request, after two hours of being there

So what’s next Mark another tweet to defend the allegation’s again? Is this all just a publicity stunt for the new series of The Only Way Is Essex? or have they really had enough of each other?

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