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postheadericon Britney Spears Gives Pregnant Beyonce Knowles Top Baby Tips

Since announcing to the world at the VMA’s this year that she was three months pregnant. Superstar mamma to be Beyoncé has been very public to also say, that just because she’s pregnant it does not mean that she’s ill, and will continue to work right up to the birth. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon X Factor USA Melanie Amaro Audition (Wow Wow Wow)

OMG be ready to feel some goose bumps

Melanie Amaro is being tipped to win the competition already on her first audition.

We wont go on about the audition, just watch. Beyonce must be quite shocked as well enjoy

postheadericon Pregnant Beyonce Will Not Take Maternity Leave!!!

Multimillionaire Beyoncé has said that she refuses to take a break after having her first child with husband Jay-z, as she doesnt want to treat the pregnancy as an illness.

Beyoncé has no plans to rest up and continues working on her clothing line and promoting her Fragrance that was this years best-selling Perfume Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Happy 30th Birthday Beyonce

SuperStar Beyoncé Knowles has turned 30 today!!!

Beyoncé has packed in a lot into the last 30 year’s of her life, she had dreams of becoming a singer and my god did she go above and beyond. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Beyonce And Jay-Z On The X-Factor!!!!

Ok well not them exactly. X Factor contestants Goodson Saiwala, 36, and wife Charity, 33, had high hopes of becoming the next big thing. The couple performed “If I Were A Boy” originally by pregnant star Beyonce with shocking results, not the good shocking but we will give them one thing, it was really funny!!!!!.

Take a look it will really cheer you up - Husband and wife Funny Audition

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