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postheadericon Lauren Goodger Weight Crisis “I Need Help”!!

Lauren Goodger has a curvy body but it seems all the hurtful messages in magazines and on social networking sites are affecting the 25-year-old weight concience star in a bad way.

She’s dated the shows former hunk, Mark Wright, for ten years but Lauren breaks down about what has happened since they split, on tomorrow nights show she says

I feel like I’m bigger now, definitely. Since I’ve been single, going out clubbing, I’ve put on weight.

I need help. I need something to help me.

Amy Childs and cousin Harry Derbidge  have a few things to say about the flagging new series, the duo have the winning formula to getting the show back on track, Amy says

I love TOWIE and I will support it until my last breath but it needs some entertainment and it needs some vajazzling and fake tan.

And her cousin Harry Derbidge who also used to be on the show says

There is no fun in TOWIE now. When me and Amy were in it, it would be funny with us in the salon together and it was funny with me and Gemma too.

Everyone loves watching it for the drama but I loved it for the funny bits. I don’t find that in it any more.

I’d like to see Gemma get together with one of the twins — I think that would be fun to watch.

Lets hope with the appearance of new character Ricky Rayment finally getting some screen action it will bring back a bit of excitement again Lydia Bright has already branded him an “Italian Stallion”.

Watch out James.

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