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postheadericon Kim Kardashian’s Husband Kris Humphries And Ex Ray-J Meet On A Plane.

Well could this have been more awkward!!

Kim Kardashian’s new husband 26-year-old Kris Humphries, came face to face with his new wife’s ex boyfriend and sex tape partner Ray-J on a flight to New Orleans. As soon as Kris clocked Ray- J he tried to get away by moving away from him, but obviously it was not far enough as Ray-J went over to Kris and tried to give him his congratulations, but trying to avoid talking to Ray, Kris pretended to not know who he was.

Knowing that Kris was lying Ray-J said

Come on, you know who I am . I just want to say congratulations.

Then Kris replied

Oh yeah, yeah. I’m sorry I know who you are

It was the first time the boy’s had met. The sex tape featuring Kim Kardashian and her ex, got its biggest viewing during Kim’s marriage day, so people are watching them get it on, while watching Kris say his vows. It’s like one big messed up family!

A mystery buyer (probably Kim) has come forward to purchase the tape to take it out of circulation.

Remember unless you want to be famous sex tapes are a bad idea!!

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