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postheadericon Kerry Katona Dumps Her Agent Max Clifford??

Has Kerry Katona really dumped one of the biggest agents in the UK?

Reality star Kerry has apparently fired her agent and friend, Max Clifford via e-mail. Kerry and Max have a difficult past as she has previously dumped him when she was married to control freak Mark Croft. After she walked away from Can Associates who also manage Peter Andre and Nicola McLean the mother of four explained how she wanted to pursue acting jobs and they couldn’t offer that to her so she signed back on with him.

However, the reality star has now hired Martin O’Shea, who was her agent while she was in Atomic Kitten, and asked him to email Clifford on Friday to inform him of the news. A source says

To say he is livid is an under¬≠statement. Kerry’s behaviour is a real slap in the face. He has treated her like a daughter and after all he’s done for her she couldn’t even be bothered to pick up and phone and talk it through,

Max was credited with getting her work on This Morning and lucrative magazine deals. Maybe with a large tax bill needing to get paid off again she needs to save money so has gone for a cheaper agent?

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