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postheadericon Kelly Osbourne Takes On Lady Gaga Fans Branding Them “Monsters”

Some serious shizzle  is going down on twitter between Kelly Osbourne and nearly every Lady Gaga fan on the planet.

It all started as Kelly was hosting E!’s Grammy Fashion Police . Gaga had refused to walk the red carpet to the event which led Osbourne to call her “disrespectful”, Kelly is very opinionated and ‘The Poker Face’ singers fans are taking her on.

This is just not your average banter Gaga fans have been tweeting evil and quite seriously threatening messages. Kelly has responded back with

Being told to kill myself, having ppl hoping i get raped being called fat/ugly, & being sent death threats IS A BIG DEAL! @ladygaga really has created monsters. w/ every nasty unjustified tweet u send me u shame your queen. hate it not what @ladygaga is about!

For a woman who promotes peace and love Gaga should be encouraging her fans to keep calm but when you say your opinion and call people’s Icon “disrespectful” aren’t you bound to get some kind of backlash? But no one should stand for serious bullying.

Watch the clip here

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