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postheadericon Keira Knightley Breaks Down Over Hurtful Jibes

Pirates Of The Caribbean actress, Keira Knightley has confessed that being in the papers has left her a complete nervous wreck that often leaves her feeling isolated and lonely.

Even though she earns millions from being in Hollywood blockbusters it seems living the high life and being invited to A-List parties is just not what she is about. Keira opens up to the Sunday Mirror about what happens when she reads negative publicity, she explains

Many occasions I just sit on the bathroom floor and burst into tears. Then there are other days when you go, OK, it does not matter. That’s fine. I think it depends on the day of the week really.

Domino actress Keira will be next seen being spanked by Michael Fassbender in the forthcoming A Dangerous Method talks about what being famous has brought her way by saying

I have had some extraordinary experiences, not all of them happy and quite a lot lonely.

I am crap at parties. I tend to sit in a corner or I’ll go to the dance floor and get quite drunk.


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