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postheadericon Frankie Sandford From The Saturdays Seriously ill With Pneumonia

The last time we heard about Frankie Sandford from girl group The Saturdays she had gone into rehab to be looked after for a mysterious illness. Rumours were floating around that it could be an eating disorder or some kind of cosmetic procedure that went wrong.

It turns out she is seriously ill with Pneumonia and runs the risk of never being able to sing again! When The group flew over to Iceland to film their new video ‘My Heart Takes Over’ Frankie developed a cough and a cold which has gotworse with time. See we said they should have worn some thicker tights with there barley there outfits.

The pin-up has now said to have lost half a stone in weight from not being able to eat properly and the pains in her chest have made her so emotional that she crys all the time and she is scared that she will never be able to sing again. A friend says

She’s so scared as she has never been this ill before. She’s been texting Wayne (Bridge, her footballer boyfriend) saying ‘I may never beat this’. I’m feeling so shite. Of course Wayne is beside himself. Wayne adores her, and it’s been so upsetting for him-he’s broken up.

We hope you get better soon Frankie and stop stressing about work get your health sorted first.

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