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postheadericon Frankie Cocozza Thinks Wayne Rooney Stinks

National sweetheart (not) Frankie Cocozza is making a few enemies in his rise to fame.
And now he has publicly slated celebrity/football player Wayne Rooney. When taking part in who people think look smelly Frankie tweeted
FrankieCocozzaFrankie Cocozza
#CelebsThatLookLikeTheyStink not really a celeb but I bet his pits are stinking, along with his breath @waynerooney
It looks he hit a nerve with Rooney’s supporters who replied
you such a c**t as if you can slag celebs off loool you loook like a rat , f***ing nob hehehe rant over.
@FrankieCocozza that’s a bit rich coming from you! At least he has talent. #fail.
Word has obviously got to Rooney about Frankie’s insults and tweeted him this reply
@WayneRooney: @FrankieCocozza sorry who are u again. Oh yeah i remember ur the kid who was on x factor who couldnt sing.
To which Frankie responded
Just got merked by Rooney, personally I think that’s quite sick
Sorry Cocozza but if you start war with an legend you probably wont win!!

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