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postheadericon Frankie Cocozza Is Ready To Make Jodie Marsh His Bride?

Frankie Cocozza revealed a few weeks ago that when he gets to the 100 conquests sexually he will be ready to settle down for good. The Big Brother playboy is on the look out for that special lady and by the sounds of it he has someone in mind. Yes it’s you, Jodie Marsh.

When asked what kind of woman ticks all the right boxes Frankie said

I want a girlfriend, yeah. But she needs to be small with dyed red hair, piercings, tattoos and be Scouse.

I texted Jodie to ask her out. I f**king love her. But she’s having none of it. Anyway, she couldn’t handle me.

Frankie met Jodie when she entered the CBB house to put the contestants through a fitness task and since then she has left a big impression,  he says

I like piercings and tattoos, that’s just what does it for me.

Even though he has slept with a lot of woman the star admits he hasn’t found the one who can satisfy his bedroom urges he says

It depends on how good they were in bed. I’m just being truthful. If they were unbelievable, I’d be like, ‘Right, I’m seeing you again.’

But there’s been no-one who’s swept me off my feet yet.



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