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postheadericon Frankie Cocozza Causes Havoc At The X Factor Wrap Party

It looks like X Factor reject Frankie Cocozza needed to find a way to make his fifteen minutes of fame last before he is rumoured to enter Celebrity Big Brother next month.

The wrap party should have been a hassle free zone after all the drama that had been going on through the show but Frankie could not handle his drink and kicked off dragging other loser Jonjo Kerr and judge Tulisa’s personal assistant into a fight. Police were called when Frankie got into a clash outside the party venue but bouncers had first had to drag him out of the club were he first kicked off, an onlooker says

It seems that some of them are determined to stretch out their fifteen minutes of fame but they jut looked like idiots.

We find this hard to believe but Frankie apparently smoothed talked his way into the party by pretending to be former contestant James Michael. An insider says

Frankie was out of control again. He wasn’t invited but he turned up anyway, blagged his way in and got legless.

Tulisa also seemed to have a problem with the venue as well as she later tweeted

Great night at the X Factor wrap party, apart from the club, so rude will never go there again. Felt like customs in another country.

Are you looking forward so seeing Frankie in the Big Brother house in January?

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