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postheadericon Desperate Scousewives Vs Made In Chelsea

A reality show war is going down behind the scenes at Channel 4 becuase bosses have not confirmed to signing back up the new reality show, Desperate Scousewives  for a second series.

Apparently it had not been the hit they were hoping for and they believe that fans are more interested in watching Made In Chelsea which stars Caggie Dunlop (above right). The MIC storyline is based around characters that were brought up or have made a lot of money (posh). Insiders say that if they are forced to “pick a team” then Desperate Scousewives wont be back.

A source explains

We had hoped Desperate Scousewives would really give TOWIE a run for its money.

But sadly that’s not been the case. For whatever reason people have just not warmed to the characters and there has not been a great buzz

Made In Chelsea on the other hand, is really popular. People seem fascinated by their posh lives.

Well as it states at he top of the article a decision has not been made and beautiful model Amanda Harrington (above left) from DSC  also tweeted

Can I just say don’t believe everything you read!!! ☺ DS has not been axed!

So Gossipers which show should stay if you had a choice MIC or DSW?

Can I just say don’t believe everything you read!!! ☺ DS has not been axed!

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