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postheadericon Demi Moore’s Daughter Rumer Talks About Her Mother’s Health

Everything has gone quiet on the Demi Moore front since the whole fiasco of her addictions being thrust into the spotlight.

Demi has allegedly sought help but we haven’t heard anything since, but now her 23-year-old daughter Rumer Willis has revealed what been going on, she says

My mother is on the road to recovery. It’s slow but we believe in her.

According to the National Enquirer dad, Bruce Willis and all three daughter hold her ex husband, Ashton Kutcher responsible for Demi’s demons. An insider says

Bruce and the girls hate Ashton.

They think he’s a bad influence because he got Demi back into partying.


A representative for Rumer has denied this news by saying

She didn’t make those comments.

insisting recent quotes were wrongly attributed to her.

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