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postheadericon Celebrity Big Brother 2011 Winner Is……..PADDY DOHERTY!!!!

First out of the Big Brother house  was sweaty Bobby Sabel. You could see he was dreading coming out the house, but surprisingly he got a lot of cheers from the crowd it seems him staying in the house a bit longer made people actually like him now, but I’m sure he will be quizzed a million more times on why he did that dirty trick to Darren!

Then came  Ninja Turtle chested Darren Lyons. Darren was a good laugh in the house and now he had all this tv exposure he might become more of a celebrity than the people he writes about. I think he would love to be a bit more famous, hope he releases a book would be great to hear some scandals straight from the horse’s mouth.

Lucien Laviscount followed Darren out, feeling proud of getting so far in the show. The real question is who does Lucien Love? On being quizzed by show host Brian Dowling asked him to set the record straight, Lucien said -

I did at one point like Amy, but now I’ve come round. I’m 19 years old.

also saying that he saw Kerry Katona as a big sister, ok Lucien if that’s how you treat your sister we would be worried.

Then next to leave the BB House is dun dun dar, Amy Child’s!! no way we thought with all The Only Way Is Essex fans supporting her, she may have been in with a chance to win. Looking hot, Amy said she felt like everyone was going to boo so it surprised her she wasn’t. When asked about Lucien Amy Said

I don’t fancy Lucien, we had a laugh, we are friends and that’s it.

Leaving only four, next out was …… John and Edward from Jedward. We are really shocked!! the bookies had the twin boy band down to win. The boys leaped and jumped out of the house down to meet host Brian Dowling.

The boys sat down for a lively interview and said they loved every one in the house and Brian also revealed that the boys didn’t even have one vote for being up for eviction. The boys spoke about how being separated felt

We are best friends to be split up felt really weird we could have never done the Big Brother house by ourselves. While we in there we fancied Amy Child’s, then Tara Reid and then Kerry Katona.

The winner of celebrity Big Brother 2011 is  PADDY DOHERTY!!!!! Leaving Kerry Katona in second place both should feel extremely proud of themselves, it just shows you don’t have to be over blingy or fake for the public to like you .

Well Done Kerry and Congratulations Paddy Doherty!!!!!!



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