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postheadericon TOWIE’s Frankie Essex Blinds Us With Her New Smile

Can someone turn down the light please or at least hand us a pair of sunglasses because TOWIE star, Frankie Essex, has jumped on the teeth whitening trend and had her knashers blinged out.

It’s probably a freebie because she posed with the surgeries sign and tweeted Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Tom From The Wanted Sparks Massive TOWIE Twitter Fight!!

What happens when a loud mouth pop star insults the countries most popular tv stars? A twitter war that’s what and it all went down with insults being thrown left, right and centre by Tom from The Wanted. Tom decided to take it upon himself to call out Lydia Rose Bright and her mum Debbie about Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Lauren Goodger Naked And Covered In Paint!

Wow it looks like Lauren Goodger really hates her body. The star has been stripping down more and more since she declared to the nation that she has a bad body image of herself but if there is money to made then so be it.

The Essex star may have dropped out of the London Marathon after her trainer claimed she was too unfit but she’s doing some damage control by having her whole body covered in paint for PETA. Can you guess what animal she is supposed to be? Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon TOWIE’s Lauren Pope: “My Implants Were A Ticking Time bomb”

TV star Lauren Pope has been very public about the fact that her breast implants were the dangerous PIP type.  And now the Dannii Minogue lookalike is revealing what went through her mind after having them removed.

Pope revealed that she has since had another operation to replace them, and described her original PIP implants as a “ticking time bomb”. She tells Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Lauren Goodger Strips To Her Underwear For Sexy Photo Shoot

It looks like Lauren Goodger has caught the Imogen Thomas bug and it looks like there is no cure for it as it continues to rage on. Even though these girls moan, cry and reveal they are battling their crippling body issues it doesn’t stop them from stripping of for the camera or is it that the massive dollar they are offered too good to pass on?

Anyway after Lauren admitted last week that she is distraught over her body image and would like to be a normal 8 – 10 (her words not ours) the TOWIE salon owner has taken it all off and tweeted a picture for the world to see, she wrote Read the rest of this entry »

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