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postheadericon Big Brother’s Jay McKray And Louise Cliffe “We Plan To Get Married”

The nation have got behind the real romance of  Big Brother’s Jay Mckray and Louise Cliffe.

Everybody knew these two were legitimate, not like some other housemates who have tried to cash in on fake ones. And now they have opened up about future plans, as well as Jay talking about how he nearly made it onto MTV’s Jersey Shore.

I want to marry Louise

Said Jay and an equally loved up Louise replied

I could actually marry him. He is definitely marriage material. I love Jay to bits. He has a lovely arse and he’s dead muscly.

On if they have ever had a relationship with a celebrity

J – I’ve met Katie Price but she was with that guy Leandro then. I was discovered by Katie on her modelling show. I got to the last 12. She was wicked.

L – No, I have always gone for normal people – just students and people with no money.

J – She kept nipping my arse and winking at me.

Louise then talks about when she started glamour modelling in the industry, she says

I got a phone call and thought, of course I will do it every girl would love to be a model. But after a bit, it was not for me and my photographer friend said that I was tall enough for commercial modelling, so I gave it up four or five years ago.

Jay then reveals how he nearly became a household name on MTV’s The Geordie Shore

One of my best pals, James is in it. I think with Geordie Shore, you get close to it and think you can taste it, then it’s taken away. James was a replacement as I was a bit sick at the time.

I was a bit depressed.  It was one of those things at the time. They were not willing to take the risk on me.

It seems Jay was always on the road to becoming famous already, and we would not be surprised if Louise gets a call from Angelina Jolie to be a double!! We wish the couple the best for the future.

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