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postheadericon Big Brother’s Bobby Sabel vs Kerry Katona In Eviction Meltdown

What the hell is happening with Bobby Sabel? When Bobby first entered the house we all thought oh yeah baby! but when he open’s his mouth nothing comes out but insults. Maybe being in the model industry has turned him into a biatch. Amy Child’s has had enough by saying -

He’s a bug, he’s bugging me, I don’t like him

So the romance we all hoped for is over. Bobby feels like Darren is making his blood boil, and it’s riling him up.  During the pop party Jedward won, he clearly gets fed up of  kerry harping on about herself by saying  -

I don’t understand how I can have a conversation with these people, Kerry Katona is she’s saying she can’t find a guy because they can’t handle her status, well what kind of status is that. The guys in the house are f*****g boneheads, Kerry’s a sweet girl, entertaining at times, but a complete f***ing moron. She’s driving me insane absolutely insane she’s gross, not her looks but her manner, and the rest of the house mates are acting like children

Why is Bobby on a meltdown? Could it be because of the eviction  that he’s stressed?or does he just wanna go home?

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