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postheadericon Amy Childs To Return To TOWIE?

Could Amy Childs be returning to The Only Way Is Essex any time soon? The Sun newspaper has reported that the funny red-head might back on after her own reality TV show was cancelled after just one series.

A source explains

Amy would love to re-join, She desperately misses TOWIE. She was always one of the big stars so it makes sense for her to go back.

Her show was a complete flop on Channel Five so her profile was knocked.

But would the other cast members welcome her back with open arms. Amy, Kirk Norcross, Maria Fowler and Mark Wright owned TOWIE and as soon as they left fans have been unimpressed with the new characters and are finding it hard to warm to them, one  tweeted

Normally a big fan of TOWIE but this series is rubbish.

As well as the cast, people are starting to complain that the show is one big advertisement for products and company’s than real life. There were rumours that Amy was interested in bringing back the old characters together to make a rival show which we think would be a great idea!! On hearing the story of her rejoining, Amy has just tweeted

The sun paper today has confirmed I am going back in TOWIE , this is not true

The sun newspaper has also confirmed my show got axed this is old news, it did not get a axed , it was always going to be a 8 episode show

Also the sun reported I am desperate to go back on TOWIE this is a lie also, I have some really exciting projects coming up in the future

Sorry guys had to be said, just upset that there wrote such lies, always wanna bring you down #imatoughcookie,

We are glad Amy will be back on her own show we actually loved It’s All About Amy.


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